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Comprehensive solutions for Your company

We offer: creating www pages, creating online shops, designing CMS, comprehensive Internet solutions for Your company. We would design, modernise and enlarge Your www service. We would carry out an advertising campaign, advise and suggest the best solutions based on advanced and latest technologies.

Projektowanie stron Kraków

Www pages

Internet service is the easiest, cheapest and the most effective way of communication with a client. Www page is one of the manner which successfully exerted much helps during the process of creation of the image of the reliable brand. It also facilitates advertising enabling optimising costs and enlarging field of operation of the company. We do our best to make our projects of Internet pages clear, transparent and intuitive in the process of navigation.

Our offer applies creating Content Management Services (CMS) and online shops as well. CMS enables administration of Your own website with the use of a simple panel without the need for acquaintance of advanced technologies. Our online shops are created in accordance with the individual demands of a client.

We offer our customers:

  • Websites created to individual orders, wholly-authorial solutions- please contact us

Pozycjonowanie stron Kraków

Websites optimization

Optimization is a comprehensive service which task is to increase number of visits on the client’s website with the aid of search engines. Each guest of the online service is a potential Client, Contractor or Collabolator. The expenditure spent by a Company on optimizing the online service are reimbursed in a form of tangible benefits.

Optimizing of websites is a technique enabling to almost any changes in data retrieval results. Optimization are actions aimed at promotion of a given online service as a prominences among the results of data retrieval made by search engines for a given key phrases. Please become acquainted with our positioning offer.

Strony internetowe Kraków

Business solutions

Informatics should serve as a tool supporting actual business processes which take place in companies. We offer database solutions that improve everyday work. Database apps which we offer are prepared for each commission individually.

We specialize in creating advanced internet sales systems selling various goods and services. Due to optimisation of construction, systems offered by us enable significant cost-cutting if it comes to canvassing of a single customer in a longer period of time. Internet booking systems simplify everyday work allowing to book a place from any point that has access to internet. Internet booking systems function in real-time which helps us in avoiding problems connected with double-booking.